EAGLE Vision


Employability: Our students synthesize a combination of Skill plus Knowledge (SpK) programs, combining both practical and theoretical training, equipping our graduates with a highly sustainable, competitive advantage.

Accomplish Holistic Managment: RBIC ensuring ongoing Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement (QACI) monitoring for quality measurement of the training process to lift student’s efficiency and effectiveness of learning.

GHC global alliance partnership: Students have industrial networking opportunities to support RBIT/RBIC ‘Go Global’ agenda, to create a vital and flexible environment and incorporate e-Portfolio facilities to link graduates with industrial demands and maximize GHC needs.

Learning and Creative Training: Our broad, flexible training approach can be tailored to industry specific niches, creating a GHC resource bank for further global HR export prospects.

Eco-Training: The 21st Century requires e-Skills, e-Competence, e-Portfolio, effective guidance, implementation and evaluation to support eco-training sustainability in the global society, to boost economic outcomes - these knowledge assets are fostering competitiveness, growth, and create jobs opportunities; to sustain for greater competitive advantages and to meet the mutual benefits of stakeholders.

SMART Objectives


SpK Skill plus Knowledge Training for Employability and Practical outcomes (STEP) is a flexible training model that bridges industrial skills and knowledge gaps, tailored to specific needs.

Maximize Corporation’s KPI to sustain the organization for best practice outcomes and boost Queensland’s economy and sustain RBIT/RBIC’s accomplishments.

Alliances and collaboration with Government, Industries, Institutes and Communities to achieve the goal of ‘Go-Global’ Rbit.

Reinforce flexible learning, monitoring and assessing integrated TQM systems; upholding innovation and quality in VET exports.

Training Graduate Currency and Competency to ensure they are Employable and Sustainable for the GHC Bank, and able to support global industry demands and sustain RBIT/RBIC’s success.


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